Teach Your Child How to Print e-Book
Teach Your Child How to Print e-Book
Teach Your Child How to Print e-Book

Teach Your Child How to Print e-Book

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Did you know...accurate printing skills are necessary for success in almost every subject? Think about it. Math, science, language arts, all include some form of printing. Even if it is something simple like printing numbers on a number line or labeling a diagram of a worm, and especially writing short stories. ALL of which are expectations that begin in kindergarten. If your child has to achieve these expectations without knowing how to print, the result is often an uninspired learner with a lack of confidence and could result in years of struggle for both you and your child. Don't wait until kindergarten or first grade to perfect printing skills. Implement easy and positive habits before elementary while your child is still eager to do everything "by myself!" Now is the time!

From the steps in this e-Book children will:

1) Master fine motor skills
2) Expand their ability to focus
3) Learn the foundational pre-requisite skills necessary for long-term successful and enjoyable printing
4) Achieve letter recognition
5) Gain the ability to print their first and last name as well as every letter of the alphabet...and if they can write every letter, they can essentially write any word or sentence!!!!!

Additionally, I give you A LOT of background and stories that demonstrate how to translate your children's behavior by looking for little cues that tell you exactly what they are ready for. More important than the steps to printing, you need to be able to understand your children and build a teamwork relationship. After reading "Teach Your Child How To Print" you will feel inspired and informed!

This e-Book is perfect for anyone who:
  • wants a better understanding of how to work with their children
  • would like to learn some educational benchmarks and skills for their aspiring learners
  • has a child who asks "how do you spell..." or tries to imitate the action of writing, demonstrates an interest in printing
  • has a struggling learner who needs extra support with printing
  • has no idea what to do or where to start

For ages 3 and up!