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Bundle Sale: 15% OFF - 8/12-8/26 only

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THE quintessential reading program!

Includes: Sight Word Curriculum (shipped to you), Teach Your Child How to Read e-Book (download) and Teach Your Child How to Print e-Book (download)

Learning to read has somehow become extremely challenging and frustrating for many children along with their parents and teachers.  In addition to that, sight words are a-whole-nother beast that leave parents wondering what they are and how to teach them.  THEN...there's printing...skills that are required for every subject once kids enter kindergarten, but no one is talking about it.

As a parent myself, I remember how frustrated I was helping my daughter with preschool and kindergarten work. Looking back, as simple as I thought the ABC's were, I realize that I had a complete misunderstanding of how to encourage my child to read and my adult understanding of it actually did a disservice to her young needs. Now, a decade later, I have personally hand-held dozens of students through an empowering process to this lifelong skill of reading, eliminating frustration, building confidence and maintaining each student's #naturaljoyoflearning!

With this reading bundle, I have uniquely designed 3 separate programs that all work together using a simple, motivating and fun approach that feeds off children's natural tendencies, not those of the adults working with them.   

Children have a keen ability of rote memorization and use of their fingers at a very early age.  You will use this specific and temporary stage of development to introduce printing skills and memorizing sight words first.  This is done with my printing e-Book and sight word curriculum.  Then...once the child is ready, you will introduce pre-reading skills by focusing on letter sounds with the reading e-Book then transition into full on reading!

When aspects of these individual approaches are mastered, they converge miraculously.  And suddenly the child is reading and writing at kindergarten or 1st grade level with joy and confidence! 

By implementing the lessons in these materials your child will learn to:

1) Read and write full sentences

2) Identify the sounds of every letter

3) Identify the name of every letter

4) Read common sight words

5) Spell common sight words

6) Understand basic sentence structure and punctuation

7) Print every letter of the alphabet...and therefore any name, word or sentence!

8) Read their 1st book independently!

9) Build educational confidence, stamina and focus 

10) But most of all, maintain their natural joy of learning!

Parents and teachers will learn to:

1) Better understand your child's needs from your child's point of view

2) Look for and recognize behaviors that indicate preparedness for a certain skill

3) Communicate with your child in a way that speaks to them

4) Provide simple and engaging strategies and lessons to build positive educational habits

5) Approach learning with the mindset that kids have a natural joy of learning and our main goal is to not destroy that

This bundle is ideal for ages 3-5 but will also benefit struggling learners in kindergarten and 1st grade.

Invest in your child's educational future to eliminate years of potential struggle and encourage easy learning that empowers you and your child!