About Us

Hello and welcome to the Grasshopper Cloud!  My name is Natalie Cottrell. I am the founder, owner and Director of Grasshopper Montessori, an in-home education program in Seattle, WA that has grown to also include a preschool and a French Immersion program.  Every year, dozens of our students transition into kindergarten achieving skills beyond state standards for entering 1st grade.

From many years of working with children as a nanny, preschool teacher and single parent to a now high-schooler, children have taught me that they are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.  I learned that they are only limited by the environment we put them in and that many of their frustrations stem from the lack of opportunity to see, touch, do, try.

I created Grasshopper Academics, an online and travelling resource for curriculum and coaching, to teach adults beyond our local neighborhoods how to access their child’s full potential and use it to keep alive their natural joy of learning.

Many “educational toys” do not effectively teach academic skills.  This is because most toy makers are not educators and most educators are not toy makers.  I have combined these two perspectives to create products that engage children’s natural interests and directly facilitate educational habits.  I have designed and curated every product to speak to children’s innate tendencies. A minor adjustment can mean the difference between success and failure of an entire skill.  I screen every detail of our materials. Grasshopper products are the result of years of observations, trial-and-error testing and reconfiguring of materials until each curriculum maximizes time, effort and curiosity of our students.  

Through these materials, I hope you are able to gain an even more enjoyable relationship with your child(ren) and experience the fruit of easy learning.  Your purchase and referrals are the greatest compliments.


Easy Learning,
Natalie Cottrell